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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Baby Mackensie

Just had to show off my pretty little niece.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Short Knitting Break

These are the first 2 pattern repeats of my christening gown. I have to say, casting on 187 sts took quite some time. Especially when I finished and realized the pattern said use "two needle method." Needless to say, I hadn't. Other than that, no problems yet.

After all this knitting, I decided to take a break. This weekend is the annual Soybean festival in Martin. (Stop laughing, I know I live in the south.) They close mainstreet and set up rides, funnel cake stands, etc. I went mostly for the library sale. You pay $10 for a tote bag and they have tables and tables of books to fill them up with. I filled my bag with Alfred Hitchcock, political history, and, of course, knitting. Lots and lots of stitch patterns from the 70's.

This monday starts my vacation! DH has to work all week, so I'm visiting my family in Nashville. It seems like months since I've seen my parents. I miss them terribly. In addition to spending much needed time with them there will likely be a trip to Threaded Bliss. If I don't post next week, It's because I'm having too much fun.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ISO a new project

Next to a finished product, searching for the next project to start is probably my favorite part of knitting. This Saturday, my latest search began. I guess I could have gone to the huge pile of UFO's, but there is a reason these are UFO's. I looked for something I stand a chance of finishing. I never finish projects with large areas of st st or garter st- too boring. Color work usually ends in a tangled ball of yarn and 4,000 ends to weave in- not fun. I'm still procrastinating and looking for the right yarn for the TKGA master knitting swatches. So my search focused on pattern. Most of what I knit is baby related. I don't have children or many babies to knit for, but its what I like. I wanted something fabulous with all over pattern. After looking through books and books of patterns, I didn't find anything. I turned to the internet. I ran across this pattern right away. Perfect. And I got the perfect cotton yarn in a trade last week. Time to start knitting.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The buttonless baby cardigan

My baby cardigan is finished- almost. I can't find the right buttons. It's preemie sized, so it knit up fast, but I don't know anyone with a preemie. I was thinking I might be able to find a charity that took preemie clothes. I know there are quite a few out there for hats and booties. I'll work on that when I add buttons. The pattern came from Sirdar Early Arrivals No. 2 which I highly suggest to anyone knitting for any size baby. The very cute patterns are easy to knit and simple to adjust for size. I know it may sound crazy, but I really like 100% acrylic yarn. This is Bernat Softee Baby. It's actually surprisingly soft, really! I think knitting with this is a low pressure activity. There is no fear of wasting wonderful, expensive yarn if the project goes south, and no fear of the project going south if it should find its way into a washing machine at some point.

The buttonless baby cardigan Posted by Picasa

Closeup of cables and complete lack of buttons. Posted by Picasa

My ugly scarf- not the best color choices! Posted by Picasa